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Kirk <kirk74601@...>

I've been stuck on 1340 kHz for the last two evenings, and now I'm singing Zippity-Doo-Dah out my ears! I don't advise the faint at heart to sit under headphones on a GY freq for more than abt 20 minutes per week. I'm living proof that more than that can be harmful to your mental health. After a combined total of 4 hours on 1340 the last two eves, I have 3 stations I've not logged before to show for it. Two of them are strong tentatives. Logged all 3 on SRF-59 w/ SAT.

1340, XEQB, Tulancingp, Hidalgo, 0256 UTC, 4/8/10 & 4/9/10, 693 mi/1115 km, heard many Grupo Formula IDs. They seem to be playing a variety of mx including some clscl and oldie Caribbean styled songs as well. Tonight I think I heard a mention of "La Divertida" following a "R. Formula" ID. No call letters have been copied so far. I list this as tentative for now.

1340, KWKC, Abilene, TX, 0317 UTC, 4/9/10, 328 mi/529 km, this one pulled up out of the jumble briefly for ID, "KWKC, newstalk radio" and right back down into oblivion.

1340, KRHC, Burnet, TX, 0341 UTC, 197 mi/317 km, tentative as I didn't copy any call letters. Hearing brief bits of country mx for the last 2 eves. I believe it's this one. They faded up only long enough for me to hear a slogan, " on Home Town Country..." Hrd ABC nx feed at 0400, and this sta is an affiliate. I researched this quite a bit, and this is definitely the most likely sta given the freq and power. (There are at least two other statons listed here w/ the same slogan.)

I believe I'll stay off the GY's for a while. They'll wear you out, ha ha. Good DX wishes to everyone from the Gulf coast.

Kirk Allen
Pasadena, TX

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