Re: Cuban Info...............Thanks Jim!!

robert ross

Jim Kearman Wrote.........


Congrats on the new ones. I'm glad to see others are absorbing some of that Cuban rf! WRTH 2010 says all stations in each major network are using the same call now.

Enciclopedia: CMHA
Progreso: CMBC
Rebelde: CMBA
Reloj: CMBD
Sancti Spiritus: CMGL

Then again, Ciudad del Mar 1340/1350 IDs as CMCM, but WRTH says something else. Unless I can get a clear ID I've been using the WRTH calls.

There are more-powerful Progreso stations on 640 and 660 (30 and 50 kW; 690 is 20 kW), so maybe you can knock off a few more!


Jim, KR1S

Thanks for the Info on my 690 Radio Progreso logging.......Glad to be able to fill in the Blanks...Call Letters and Power on this one. Heard it many Years ago before the ULR Craze......and had calls as CMBC....but wasn't sure if still the case.

With some more Aurora...I may be able to add to the Latin Totals up here in CANADA!!

73...ROB VA3SW

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