ULR DX.....2 More NEW ONES including ULR LATIN # 40!!

robert ross

Hi Guys:

Things have been slow here lately but last night I was able to add 2 NEW ONES to the ULR Logbook. Both of these are RELOGS for the OVERALL LOG however. The Cuban on 690 was probably a result of the Auroral Conditions that have been present for the past few days. This Station is also my 40th LATIN logged with a ULR Radio. While I've been waiting for the FM/TV Season to kick into gear here in Ontario....I have been checking the AM BCB each evening hoping to add a few more New Ones before the AM BCB Season winds down. So....with these 2 New Ones for the ULR LOG...it appears the Band still has a little Life in it!!

RADIO USED is...............SONY SRF-T615 Barefoot ULR

ULR LOG Totals are now........828 Stations Logged

73...........ROB VA3SW

Robert S. Ross
London, Ontario CANADA

690 Radio Progreso CM?? Jovellanos, CUBA April/07/10 2320 EDT SS FAIR
Spanish Opera Type Music Program @ 2320 EDT Tune In til 2330 EDT. In/Out
with Male and Female alternating in Spanish. ID as "RADIO PROGRESO" @ 2350
EDT. Many mentions of CUBA. Cuban Percussion Music with Male Speaking SS
over Music. Was able to Parallel this with the Live Webcast of Radio

RELOG.....But NEW ULR # 827 ULR LATIN # 40 Unknown Power??
590 WKZO Kalamazoo, MICH. April/08/10 0020 EDT EE FAIR
Mix with WMBS Uniontown, PA and CJCL Toronto @ 0020 Tune In.
Male with Ad for Local Tourism in Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids
@ 0020 EDT. Male with Time Check/ID and into Talk Program @ 0021 EDT.

RELOG.....But NEW ULR # 828 5 KW

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