Georgia and South Carolina coast ulr dx sessions,part 1

Carl DeWhitt

Today i returned from a vacation on the Georgia and South Carolina coasts.
On 4.4.10 ,i dxed in the evening from Tybee Island,Georgia near Savannah.
Here is a brief summary of what was heard mostly from our hotel balcony about a football field from the Atlantic .I include only the non -U.S. stations.
1610 Anguilla- Caribbean Beacon/University Network 1931-1935 EDT.E-100 with SAT.fair.
1620 Cuba Radio Rebelde 1935-1942 EDT E-100 barefoot.fair.
530 Cuba Radio Enciclopedia 2134-2136 EDT.E-100 with SAT. fair.
570 Cuba Radio Reloj 2143-2150 EDT.E-100 with Grundig AN-200.fair-good.
580 Mexico XEFI-t 2151-2205 EDT.Definetly a Mexican with an XE i.d. which sounded like XEFI.E-100 with AN-200.fair.
600 Cuba Radio Rebelde 2212-2215 EDT.E-100 with AN-200. good.
640 Cuba Radio Progresso 2218-2224 EDT .E-100 with AN-200.fair-good.
670 Cuba Radio Rebelde 2229-2231 EDT //weaker 600.E-100 barefoot.fair-good.
1020 Cuba Radio Reloj 2232-2234 EDT.E-100 with AN-200.poor.
710 Cuba Radio Rebelde 2239-2240 EDT .//670.poor. E-100 with AN-200.
1180 Cuba Radio Rebelde 2348-0005 EDT.E-100 barefoot.good.
These Cubans plus others were heard from Isle of Palms,S.C. and Litchfield Beach,S.C. over the next 2 nights.I would say that the best night was 4.5.10 from the Isle of Palms ,S.C..That session will be in part 2.
I heard no TA stations during any of the sessions although i had a strong het from 1521 on 4.4.10.However,no audio.A faint het was heard the next 2 nights.This no doubt was because of the auroral conditions on those 2 nights.
Carl DeWhitt

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