Re: Finally reached 300 stations

John Cereghin <pastor@...>

Good job on reaching 300!  They say that getting to 400 is a lot tougher.  I'm currently at 319 stations, making the push for 400.

When I look at all the stations in a 500-mile radius of me that I have yet to log, I realize that 400 or even 500 stations shouldn't be that tough, given enough time and effort.

John Cereghin
Smyrna DE

bbwrwy wrote:

I finally logged the 300th station Wednesday evening. Local pest
KOKB-1580 was off so I was able to hear KKKK, Colorado Springs CO, for
station #300 heard. Oddly, QRM on the frequency was from KHGG, the
200th station logged back on July 19th. Early the next morning I
heard KMIK-1580, Tempe AZ, for station #301.

It took me almost six-months to reach this goal. I still can't
imagine logging 300 stations in 30 days. It must require a large cup
of coffee! I might have had 300 sooner if I understood Spanish.

Now it's on to 400 stations heard. With the earlier sunsets and later
sunsets are making things easier.

Good DX everyone.

Richard Allen

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