Re: PL - 310 via HKequipment-FARMERIK

ferrite61 <dxrx@...>


For off-tuning by 1kHz, you can bump the volume up a notch or two for audio improvement.

I generally set the AM-BW at 3kHz since most RX is talk with limited music... but if you like CFZM (ex-CHWO) on 740 for instance, you can go full 6kHz.

I can use the PL-310 on Alkalines with no problems, the battery-life is quite good usually 100-120 hours continuous with Vol. set at 4 or 5 (But the R-911 runs 480 to 500 hours!). I buy in bulk as 30/36 at a time and the cost is usually 40c or less each.

Paul S. in CT

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