One new station at dusk

ferrite61 <dxrx@...>

Was outside at picnic table tuning around and caught an UNID and one clear call.
The UNID was on 720kHz with Island Music (carribbean). Had this about 18:45 to 18:50 and it faded down not to return for 10 minutes. No ToH ID possible. Orientation for reception was slightly west of North... could be Cuba, Jamaica, or Hispanola. Not sure.

The ID station was on 730 kHz with reception orientation Due E-W. Talk show and then Drew Breeze/Bugs Bunny PSRA for Kids activity "an hour a day". Then "Pittsburgh's 73 WPIT". Time was 19:45 to 19:50 and RX was good daytime to power-down at 20:00 EDT.

Paul S. in CT

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