PL - 310 via HKequipment-FARMERIK


I decided to give an order to HKequipment for my PL-310. I was attracted to the slightly lower total price with shipping, than some Ebay Stores, and more impressed by it coming with SANYO Enloop slow self discharging batteries, which I really like for my multitude of small radios and LED lights, because they do not run dead with occasional use, and with hundreds of radio and dozens of small LED lamps and flashlights, it is my biggest annoyance of using rechargeable cells.
The SANYO AA cells are clearly marked as being made in Japan, as they should be. The label is printed slightly different that other Enloop cells I have purchased recently though. They arrived fully charged which is normal, and work fine in the radio. They show a full charge on the meter in the PL-310's display too.
I placed my order on March 24th, and the radio arrived today, April 6th on the East coast of the USA. It was shipped in a padded mailer, with 5 or 6 layers of thin bubble wrap, each taped securely, around the box, and more inside too.
So I have no complaints at all. - FARMERIK

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