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robert ross

At 01:09 PM 9/19/2008, you wrote:

I finally logged the 300th station Wednesday evening. Local pest
KOKB-1580 was off so I was able to hear KKKK, Colorado Springs CO, for
station #300 heard. Oddly, QRM on the frequency was from KHGG, the
200th station logged back on July 19th. Early the next morning I
heard KMIK-1580, Tempe AZ, for station #301.

Way to go Richard....good work!! It takes a lot of patience and time at the
dials to log 300 on one of these guys!! Everyone who has logged 300 has a
different way of getting there..depending on where they live, their
closeness to bodies of water, Local Stations, The time you have available
to DX and a multitude of other factors!! Some can log 300 in less than 2
weeks and some it takes 6 months......doesn't really matter......end result
is you got there..and had a Bag o' Fun in the Process!! Don't forget to
submit your Logs for the 300 Stations heard award Richard!! John Bryant
will be looking for some work when he gets back from Peru...and I have a
few other awards people have submitted that are waiting for him when he
gets back!!

It took me almost six-months to reach this goal. I still can't
imagine logging 300 stations in 30 days. It must require a large cup
of coffee! I might have had 300 sooner if I understood Spanish.

Well Richard....from my own experience being the first to log 300 in 30
Days....(unless someone else did it before Jan/30 2008...and didn't tell
anyone!!) I know I spent a TON of time at the dials. I DX'd at Sunrise...I
DX'd at Sunset...I DX'd at Noon hour and After Supper...and before I went
to Bed!! Heck....a few nights I'm not even sure I went to bed!!! Being able
to ID some of the Spanish Stations sure did help too...Lots of
Cubans.....and a few South Americans thrown in the mix too! Being located
in the Central part of the continent helped there are possibilities
in all directions. Is it easy to get 300 in 30 Days??...Nope...but it sure
was a relief when the 30 days ended......

Now it's on to 400 stations heard. With the earlier sunsets and later
sunsets are making things easier.

Well Richard...300 was tough....400 is when it starts getting even tougher.
I think it took me twice as long to get the next 100 as it did the first
300!! I am now just 19 Stations shy of 500 heard..and believe's
really getting tough are basically at the mercy of the Propagation
Gods...and LUCK has just as much to do with it now as skill!! Being at the
right place at the right time is the key...and that of course involves a
lot of time at the dials. What has helped me lately is the fact that I was
put on SICK LEAVE from work by my Doctor since July..and that has given me
a lot of time to Play Radio...time I normally would not have had!! I am
scheduled to return to work Oct/ I still have another month to
make Hay while the Sun Shines...and have been taking advantage of the extra
time to DX!!

Congratulations Richard...and Welcome to the 300 Club.......I look forward
to hearing of your 400th Station Heard real soon....and's all
about the Fun!! Anyone can hear 300 Stations with a Drake R8B and a 1000
Foot Bog......Using a Radio the size of a Deck of Cards
that's FUN!!


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