Re: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Sony SRF-T615

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--- On Fri, 9/19/08, nn4cw <gilstacy@...> wrote:

Either my Sony's aren't up to snuff or my DT200VX is exceptionally
good on MW. The large numerals with back light is superior to the
Sony's (none) and Eton E100 (too short of duration, and doesn't
illuminate when tuning). FM sensitivity and selectivity is superior
to the Sony's; the Eton 100 is better, but not sound quality. Each
have shortcomings and strengths.


Once again, I suspect uneven QC is the issue. My SRF-59 was one of the first batch Gary aligned and distributed. I may be the first or second non-Canadian to get one of those. My DT-200vx is stock. As has been noted, the Sony has better nulls, and is more selective on AM. I have never seriously compared the two on FM, but I think that the Sangean will prove similarly less selective when I do.

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