Re: 500 at last

Paul Logan

Hi all,

many thanks Jim, Richard, Gary, and Robert, for all of your kind words regarding my latest UL milestone. It's a pleasure being part of this group.

Gary I have prety much exhausted barefoot possibilities at this point ( except for exceptional propagation conditions) - I think next winter I will concentrate on using loops - I'm envious of the monsters that inhabit your back yard btw.

Sadly my own neighbours are very close and already think I'm slightly unhinged so if they saw me tuning a 9 foot loop every dawn they might ask for a professional intervention of some sort!

Robert, I will send you some award applications soon. One will be for an upgrade on my Canadian provinces from 6 to 8 - I managed Alberta and BC last November barefoot - two particularly thrilling receptions of CKMX 1060 and CJVB 1470. Radio doesnt get much better than the sound of exotic signals out of palm sized radios!

regards to all and good dx

Paul Logan,
Lisnaskea, N. Ireland

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