500 at last

Paul Logan

Hi all,

well I finally made it to 500 and I have to say it took some doing! Just ywo years after starting!

500 was always the magic number I was aiming at, pickings are somewhat slim here in Europe where we have lots of very powerful stations but not the same volume of "locals" as can be found in North America.

Station 500 was 1650 CJRS Radio Shalom in Montreal heard at 0415 utc with French language programming. No id heard but cannot see what else could be running French on 1650. RX was an Eton E 100 with a Tecsun an200 9 inch loop.

Of the 500 only 19 loggings were aided with an external antenna.

I have to say I feel a real sense of achievement - it really was pretty tough going, but well worth it - reintroducing me to the "domestic" AM band after many years of hunting "dx". Now almost everything is DX and thats the thrill of ultralighting.

Along the way I've logged some completely new stuff which would look good on any list. An example was a 50 kw Iranian outlet in Urmia the other night on 936 - a first for me with any set up.

So now the very slow climb upward from 500....inspired by the rest of you. Thanks for all the fun.


Paul Logan,
Lisnaskea, N. Ireland

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