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Kirk <kirk74601@...>

I have a few loggings from the last 3 or 4 days that are worth noting. Two new stations rolled in here in that time frame. Logged these on the SRF-59 w/ SAT w/ one exception. This first logging below was hrd on the Tecsun PL-300WT w/ SAT.

1240, XES, Tampico, TM, 0520-0605 UTC, 4/3/10, apx 542 mi/867km, usual GY jumble except a few stations were actually standing out sporadically for a change. Hrd some balados mx and SS yak mixing w/ a lot of UNIDs mostly all in EE. Finally some clear SS tlk including multiple "Doble U Radio en dulce-quarenta" IDs. Once I copied that, I found their online streaming link, and it confirmed their ID. VP copy overall. ULR LAm #184, Total ULR Sta #419.

1630, KCJJ, Iowa City, IA, 0530 UTC, 4/1/10, 846 mi/1362 km, mixing w/ I believe all 3 other US stations that are listed for this freq. This one was playing pop mx much like what R. Disney would play. Hrd 3 clear IDs. One ID was a W ancr in a synthesized voice w/ "1630 KCJJ." Also hrd a jingle singing the same.

1640, KFXY, Enid, OK, 0245 UTC, 4/3/10, surprised to hear this one ID'ing now as "The all new Faith 1640." VG sig but some co-channel competition from WTNI Biloxi.

800, XEZR, Zaragoza, Zacatecas, 0330 UTC, 4/1/10, this one is not only identifying in EE at times, but now also w/ totally ENGLISH ads, some of which were for businesses in El Paso, TX! Not sure I understand the connection there. VG sig, much better sig than I've ever hrd them here before. Wonder if maybe they've had a power increase?

Wishing everyone a happy holiday weekend.
Kirk Allen
Pasadena, TX

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