Puyallup, WA TP's for 4-2...Better Than Expected

Gary DeBock

Hello All,
Like Dennis mentioned, the TP's this morning were not nearly as bad as the solar indexes (A14, K4) would suggest. Most of the usual high band Asians made an appearance with audio, although nothing very exotic showed up. Signals in general were about the same as yesterday-- or not bad, for this time of year.
1134 kHz had a moderate mix of KBS and one other (apparently JOQR) here around 1325, and 1377-CNR1 was in and out of audio during the 1320-1340 listening period (but with no weak co-channel, as showed up yesterday). 1503-JOUK was in and out of weak audio // 594, and 1566-HLAZ and 1575-VOA had decent strength at times. 1476 kHz was a non-performer this morning, though, with only a weak carrier.
1575-VOA Thailand had fair strength for an English ID at 1330   http://www.mediafire.com/?fdmnnc0ymgz , with weak competition from a presumed AFN off and on during the listening session. Considering the unfavorable propagation forecast, the TP's were probably better than anybody expected-- especially in April.
73, Gary DeBock
Spotting receiver: Modified ICF-2010 (30" loopstick)
Main receiver:  Modified Tecsun PL-380 (7.5" loopstick)
7.5' (side) PVC-framed tuned passive loop (in the back yard)

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