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As I found out the FCC database was updating, and I caught it with lots of odd, and incorrect values. AMLogbook indicates as you wrote: 5kW/5kW. Very odd stuff last nite.
Also 2 UNID's as AfAmGospel and some Spanish canciones on 1150.
Later in the morning I did get full ID of CKOC with Hamilton (ON) commercial. And I discovered that WUTI (ex-WRUN) is still NPR, but no BBC World Service Broadcasts.

Paul S. in CT

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I don't know where on FCC you looked, but WDEL is 5000 watts fulltime.

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Was tuning the R-911 to hear WBBR on 1130, and caught a call for WDEL Wilmington DE.

This was during local news at 0230 EDT, and went into CBS news for an update, then back to traffic/weather. I looked this up on FCC, and it indicates 10kW day and no nite power authority, indicating 0.0 kW. I believe they are running Coast to Coast. I can also hear local WMRD programming in background. Anyone else listening might try for it, as Delaware is not an easy state.

Paul S. in CT

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