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Tony Germanotta

My apologies to Irving, but he probably would have loved the royalties from that movie. Those tin pan alley folks wrote for money, after all.

Good luck on the LW version. 

That's amazing the improvement your loop has over the litz wire/terk combo. 

And those walking DX sessions are largely fantasies anyways. Hell, how would you look up the frequency or would you pull your WRTV and  your log book in a wagon behind you? 

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> Thanks Jim for saving us all time and money with that. Now you need to rewind the stock loop with your Litz and have that as a portable plug in ferrite loop like the new Techsun, except larger. Then you can DX during your morning walks.

I'd already done a Litz conversion on the internal antenna, which was an improvement. The coupling coil for the Hoop Loop is a ferrite toroid inside the radio, so plugging in a 240-uH coil won't work. I'd have to remove the toroid and solder the original antenna back in place. Have another application for that Litz, though, so after lunch it goes back the way it was. Once that's done, I'm going to wind a 2500-uH coil on an FT114-61 toroid and see how this lash-up works on LW. You need that much inductance to get down to 150 kHz.

Chris Knight is going to write up MULDxER 2 in the next few days, but I can reveal that the Hoop Loop was about 12 dB better than his Litzed-internal-antenna + Terk Advantage. For what it cost, the Hoop Loop really makes the PL-380 shine. It requires surgery inside the radio, but for non-walking use it's fine. I guess you could carry the loop while walking, and people would probably stay out of your way. Maybe mount it on a motorcycle helmet.

> And thanks too for the smile. I can see Frankenstein doing his soft shoe routine with Gene Wilder even as I type.

Irving Berlin is probably spinning, but that's the price of fame. :)


Jim, KR1S 

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