Re: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Sony SRF-T615

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Gary, Tim, Rob & all who chimed in about the Sony SRF-T615:

I just wanted to thank everyone for their comments and thoughts. I
agree that the price of the Sony T-615 is steep, but considering what
I've spent on Ham gear over the years, feel its a bargin - even at the
$149 price tag.

I'm anxiously awaiting to receive it & will post my comparison review
here on the group. It'll be compared against my two Sony SRF-59s and my
Sangean DT-200VX, which I feel is slightly less sensitive than the 2


I certainly agree as to comparing the performance of the Sangean 200 to the SRF59. I had initially had high hopes for the Sangean because it had the ability to swicth to the European bandplan, but I strongly doubt I'll be able to hear a TA on it, and therefore it'll be of little use as a spotter for the SRF 59 in that regard.

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