Re: 1 log and a thought on propagation

Carl DeWhitt

I just checked with a site that gives sunrise/sunset times and it appears that Milwaukee SR is a little earlier than Shreveport's.Perhaps a change to daytime power and antenna pattern brought WISN up over KWKH.
Carl DeWhitt

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I wonder how this would explain KWKH Shreveport,LA fading down to almost nothing while WISN,which is much further north,fading up in it's place.I forgot to mention that.Perhaps the sunrise is still later in Milwaukee than Shreveport ?

Carl DeWhitt

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Duruing spring through summer, sunrise is earlier, sunset is later the further north you go.

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From: Carl <carl_elissa@>
Subject: [ultralightdx] 1 log and a thought on propagation
Date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010, 4:46 PM


WISN 1130 Milwaukee,WI 0816-0831 EDT 3.30.10 Local talk with call ins discussing the competition among various supermarkets for families grocery dollars.Call sign mentioned each time a caller called in.Also mentioned Milwaukee and southeast Wisconsin.Maybe re-log.poor- fair.E-100 barefoot.
This got me thinking about something i once read or noticed.
Sunrise the further north you go comes later.I think this could be useful in dxing stations to your northwest just after your local sunrise.Any thoughts on this ?
Carl DeWhitt

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