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Hopefully the 400 in the Sangean series allows tuning away from preset
frequencies when using the memory recalls. The Sony T615 does. With
the Sangean DT200VX, if one uses the memory button to lock into a
station, one can't go up or down without exiting the memory feature--
once that is done, one ends up with the previous station tuned in
before the memory button was used.
With the Sony, one can use the presets to move from one end of the
band to the other and tune from the preset station. Does the 400 allow
one to do the same as the T615? Another great feature of the Sony is
tiny size. Nothing does better per cubic inch.
73 Gil

One of the annoying features on the DT-200vx is that the memory erases itself when you change band or khz offset. I suspect it may do the same when you power off although having discovered the erasures on band and offset. Does the 400 do that also ?

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