Re: Mexican Sta IDs in EE and UNID

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One thing that really got the DXing bug to bite me was in 1969 taking electricity shop class in Jr. High. We built a crystal radio. I could pick up a whole TWO stations on it, our lcl WBBZ and also XERF after "Buzz" signed off at midnight. I still remember how excited I was to hear a station from Mexico on the little crystal set. Yes, I started climbing on roofs stringing wires a long time ago:-) Rev. Ike was a source of good comedy pgm'g I thought! Tnx for bringing back some fun memories.

Kirk Allen
Pasadena, TX

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XERF back in the 60,s/70s was one of a small number of Mexican stations known as Border Blasters because of their high power.XERF ran 250 kw at one time.I think a few others had English such as XETRA maybe.Who can forget Wolfman Jack and the Rev.Ike and the like on XERF ? Too bad we are missing interesting programming like that on AM today.
Carl DeWhitt

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