26Mar2010 Fri - nothing

27Mar2010 Sat
790 WSGW Saginaw MI 2110 EDT 5k 1k 81 mi talk radio clark howard #273

28Mar2010 Sat
930 WBCK Battle Creek MI 0819 EDT 5k 1k 112 mi country #274
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i've been disappointed at the fewer number of stations received this month. 41 for Feb and 21 for March. so i took a look at my stations logged and found more stations heard after 9pm than usual, and most stations are east or west of MI, the only good DX to the south is Cuba, running somewhere between 30kw and 150kw. i cant even hear TN.
sunrise is ok, sunset is ok, but more time needs to be spent after 9pm.

Mar 2010 my log shows
8 stations in morning
13 stations in evening, 7 before 9pm and 6 after 9pm and i havent been spending much time listening after 9pm.
cuba 2211, 2058, 2330 EDT between 9 and 1130 pm

back in 2002, in my crystal radio days, i remember having to wait till 1145 pm just to hear Iowa 1040 WHO. in the last year i've been picking up 5 Iowa stations early in the evenings.

Byron wa8lcz nr Detroit Mi
Kenwood TS450S, JPS DSP, loop 26 in sq

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