Re: Mexican Sta IDs in EE and UNID

Carl DeWhitt

XERF back in the 60,s/70s was one of a small number of Mexican stations known as Border Blasters because of their high power.XERF ran 250 kw at one time.I think a few others had English such as XETRA maybe.Who can forget Wolfman Jack and the Rev.Ike and the like on XERF ? Too bad we are missing interesting programming like that on AM today.
Carl DeWhitt

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I didn't stumble across anything new tonight, but one sta worth noting was the following (SRF-59 w/ SAT per usual almost) Also an UNID I could use some help with...not many details to go on though.

800, XEZR, Zaragoza, CO, 0900 UTC, 3/28/10, Tuned in a few min before the TOH. Sta had a fair sig w/ vcl mx. M ancr then gave a full ID in ENGLISH followed by a SS ID. I was unable to copy word for word, but the call ltrs were quite clear. That's a first for me...never hrd an XE ID in EE on MW with the exception of XERF back in the 60's/early 70's. I thought you all might find this interesting.

UNID, 1570, 0736-0749 UTC, 3/28/10, unknown sta playing oldies, "Seasons in the Sun" was hrd. Rapidly faded out never to return to my knowledge. You guys down here have any ideas on who this might have been?? Any help would sure be appreciated. I'd never been able to get much audio out of any other sta on 1570 besides XERF since I've been in TX.

Take care my friends and 73 for now,

Kirk Allen
Pasadena, TX

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