Re: ULTRALIGHT Sunset Skip Loggings....3 NEW STNS for ULR Log.....2 New Stations for Overall Log!!!

robert ross

At 09:11 PM 9/18/2008, you wrote:

I'm pretty sure 1530 WYNE's city of license is North East,
Pennsylvania....that's a suburb that is, surprise: northeast of

YES..You are Correct!! That is just my BRAIN Falling out....NORTH EAST..Not
ERIE!! Sorry for the slip!!

They used to be in a cement block building in a corn field out in
the country...tower supporting WYNE & their FM, behind the building.

Back in the 70's they simulcasted....and were owned by the farmer
who planted that corn. He'd put on a tape with music on it...let it
run, and often the tape would run out allowing long periods of dead
air while he was on his tractor in the corn field.

The above is the real truth, as silly as it might sound. You could
never make up a story like that! LOL, hi, hi.
Yes...I remember it well...That's why I mentioned that WHYP (The Old Calls
) was a CULT CLASSIC!! I also used to hear the WHYP FM Transmitter here on
100.9 FM!! ...which is now WRKT.....Rocket 101....which I believe now IDs
as ERIE...which is probably why I wrote ERIE for the City on the logging I
sent!! Just Old Age setting in!!


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