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robert ross

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Hi Gary & everyone...Thanks for the feedback on my comments re: the

To me it's a question of 2 very similar radios with one feature
difference (digital readout) costs $14.99 the other costs
Tim....The T615 also has 7 Memories...which are quite useful!! The 615 is
much smaller/easier to handle.....and is 100 Times easier to tune, you can
move around the band in a flash...and always know where you are. Audio
Quality is Amazingly Good too!! The Digital Readout is the main selling
point for the T615...but it is just a Beautiful Radio to use!! I have 10
Ultralights now (2 of them are SRF-59's.......tuned up by "Gary the Guru"
4 of my ULRs are Digital Readouts and I think the T615 kills all the spite of what Gary says!! HIHI!! Maybe mine is just a real hot
T615...I don't know!! I'm hoping to get my hands on a Souped up E-100 soon
that will make me eat my words!! HAHAHA..
But as it stands....the T615 is the King in my ULR stable. Is it worth 10
times as much as an SRF-59.????...To me it is!! I could live without the
59' spite of all the Great DX I have heard with them...but I
wouldn't want to get rid of the T615!!

It's a shame radio hobbyists are being so over-charged by radio
dealers and Sony.'re right...but it's the free market at pay your
money and take your chance. The $89 Bucks I spent for my T615 was money
well spent!!

And after all this Praise of the T615...I had to USE an SRF-59 the other
night to Null out WLS on 890 to hear WAGM from Dedham, MASS. The other Rigs
...T615 and DT-400 Sangean and E-100...just couldn't completely null out
WLS!!!!! The SRF-59 Could!!! Glad I have 2 of em!!


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