Re: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Sony SRF-...

Gary DeBock

Hi Tim,
     I agree with you completely.  The SRF-59 provides outstanding bang for the buck, and as the original SRF-59 reviewer, I feel extremely happy that the radio has brought new excitement and challenges for countless AM-DXers.
     The high price of the previously top-rated SRF-T615 always did make me feel a little uneasy, because Ultralight DXing is a concept that should be accessible to all DXers, regardless of finances.  For this reason, I was happy to discover the DX competitiveness of the new Sangean DT-400W, which at around $55, provides outstanding sensitivity at a much more reasonable price.
     Even without either of these, a DXer can be supremely satisfied even with only an SRF-59.  The important thing is to have fun, and use these tiny overachievers to have a thrilling DX season.
     73,  Gary  

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