Re: [IRCA] Day 2 in Kenai, Alaska

Gary DeBock

Hi Kevin,
     Congratulations on your continued TP loggings from Kenai.  Your E100 certainly is getting a nice workout, and I'm happy that John was able to replace the stock loopstick with one that works better on the low band.
     Your logging of 4RN-792 was possibly the first clear reception of a DU station on a stock Ultralight in North America.  I have heard traces of audio from 2NR-738 and 5AN-891 on a stock SRF-T615 at Grayland, but not at a level that I would consider a solid logging.
     Kevin, the ability of a DXer to tolerate extreme cold on an ocean beach seems directly related to the quality and quantity of DX he is receiving.  During a 38 degree (with icy wind) morning at a Grayland beach with Guy Atkins in early May, we shivered for about two hours as clam diggers drove by, laughing at us in our predicament.  The worst part was that the band itself had clammed up, leaving us with one weak logging of JOUB-774 for all our efforts.  After that, despite the loss of sleep, we both jumped in our warm cars and drove straight back to Puyallup.
     73,  Gary    

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