A Tecsun FM DXing Shootout


A Tecsun FM Dxing Shootout

Three Tecsun receivers were tested for suitability for FM Dxing:

PL-310 (#35720100102037) (02/2010)
PL-380 (#36920100101623) (01/2010)
PL-300WT as a Grundig G8 (G80906025696)

An Eton E1 receiver was used for additional comparison.

Each was coupled directly to an exterior omni-directional FM antenna, a FanFare FM2G.

A Sony HDR-F1HD digital FM tuner was used as a reference receiver.

The testing was done 11am to 1pm on a Friday.

A record was kept of the number of unique FM stations that could be clearly identified by each receiver. The sensitivity and selectivity was more important than just audio quality.

The Results:

Sony HDR-F1HD Tuner: 73 stations
Eton E1: 68 stations
PL-310: 67 stations
PL-380: 54 stations
G8 as PL-300WT: 43 stations

The score of the 310 over the 380 was a surprise!

What ULR are you using for FM Dxing? Recommendations?

John Washburn
Newport, Vermont
Jewashburn (at) Comcast.net

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