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Since I don't really understand the theory, I have no idea if my questions have simple or complex answers. Work on getting stronger, that's much more important! - FARMERIK

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Still thinking! The circumference of a 30 inch loop is quite similar
to the perimeter of a 2 foot square, does changing the shape make much

Not really.

It's Electronics 101, but I still don't have a clear understanding of
the difference of Impedance and Inductance. Do you happen to know of an
Impedance calculator for loops this big?

For an inductor, impedance (reactance) varies in direct proportion to
frequency. What we're talking about is making an inductor that resonates
with the varactor. As the varactor's range is known, we can calculate
the right inductance. Impedance in this case is irrelevant. No matter
how you build it, a coil of inductance L will always have the same
impedance (reactance) at any given frequency.

A few minutes with a search engine should turn up some tutorials on
inductance, impedance and resonance.

What I am wondering is there transmission line I could use to mount
the loops in the attic, pointing in a few different directions, and
choose the one I want by connecting it to the radio separately. I just
have no idea if that is possible or impossible. - FARMERIK

It's possible, but you've opened a whole 'nother area that probably
interests very few ULR DXers. Once I'm back on my feet I'll send you an
email. Anyone else who's interested may contact me off-list.


Jim, KR1S <>

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