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Thanks for the additional explanation, it is clearer to me now.
What sort of loop would I wind if I wanted to connect it directly, and not use a torrid [or other] transformer?
I believe I would need the radio right at the base of the loop, but I can do that here OK. I use my 2 foot and 4 foot loops hung from the ceiling all the time without a cap. No shielding in my walls to speak of. - FARMERIK

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Jim - I really don't understand the theory well enough to follow
exactly what you are doing. I had hoped a unit which plugged into the
stock model PL-360 could be made and sold by some enterprising member
for fumble fingered folks like me. I guess the PL-360 lacks too many
important features, like the adjustable selectivity to interest anyone.
It might be nice to try one on a TERK or the TECSUN small loop though.
Now if I can only stop buying larger radios on eBay, maybe I will order
more ULR's! - FARMERIK

Good luck cornering the market on radios! My system is not complicated.
The existing antenna is replaced by a toroid, which is less susceptible
to picking up signals than a bar. Now the radio is happy, as it sees a
tunable LC network across the MW band. When you match impedances, you
obtain the greatest energy transfer from one circuit to the next.
Because my hoop loop has only 3 turns of wire, it has a lower impedance
than the 60-turn resonator winding on the toroid. I calculated that a
15-turn winding, wound over the 60-turn winding, would be about right.
It worked well, but it's always worth adding or removing turns to get
the best results across the band. As it happened, on mine, 13 turns was
the lucky number. I was quite surprised at the difference removing only
two turns made, and the increase was uniform across the band.

Why use a 3-turn antenna? The low impedance allows use of low-impedance
balanced feed line, in this case small-gauge speaker wire! Also, the
quilt hoops are less than an inch wide. It would take about 15 turns to
make a coil that resonated with the standard 365-pF variable cap (or the
varactor in the radio). That many turns so close together would make it
hard to tune the loop to frequencies higher in the band, because of the
inherent "self capacitance" of the closely spaced windings. I know
Tecsun is getting away with it on their small loops; you can see the
windings. I commend them! My experience with high-inductance loop
antennas using close spacing hasn't been good.

I don't think the PL-360 is DXer friendly. You could plug my system into
the PL-360 in place of its antenna, but you'd need a small box to
contain the matching transformer, and it would eliminate the one
advantage of the -360, its small size.

The PL-360 apparently duplicates the tuning arrangement of the
PL-300/wt, PL--310 and PL-380. An on-chip voltage-variable capacitor
(VVC) automatically tunes the antenna coil on LW and MW. (As built,
tuning on LW is not really happening, as the coil inductance is too
low.) The Terk, Tecsun and SAT antennas contain their own tuning
capacitors, which resonate their antenna coils just like the on-chip VVC
in the Tecsun radios. So if you plugged one of those antennas directly
into the radio, you'd have the on-chip VVC in parallel with the
capacitor in the external antenna. I don't think it would work as
intended on MW. I've been fighting an invasion of space-alien body
snatchers. Once I can stay on my feet for more than a few minutes I'll
try connecting the Terk directly to my modified PL-380 just to see.


Jim, KR1S <>

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