Sony T-615

Tim Davisson

I simply LOVE the ultralight explosion! I love my SRF-59, and for
$14.99 it's the best buy I can think of.

This morning I was able to null out 50,000-watt WTAM up the road
FIFTEEN MILES from my home and easily heard KFAB in Nebraska on
1110kHz.! For $14.99? That's fantastic!

I've read about the Sony T-615 (I think I have that model # right).
When I looked up the asking price on line (about $150), I almost
fell out of my chair in shock. Seems like a great radio...but, for
10 times the money of an SRF-59? thanks.

If I want a digital readout ultralight, I might buy the
$45 Sangean. The Sony SRF-M37V has such awful selectivity, it's a
waste of time for AM DXing...despite digital readout and incredibly
small size.

The way most little radios are dissappearing from mass-market stores
like Walmart, K-Mart, and so forth...maybe I should buy a 2nd back-
up SRF-59. Pweh!


Tim, KD8GZ
Norton, Ohio

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