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Kirk <kirk74601@...>

Tonight I had the good fortune of wrapping up one recent tentative logging and resolving an UNID along with one unexpected new station. I heard all these on my SRF-59 w/ a SAT.

My formerly reported tentative logging was confirmed as definitely being:

1020, XEKH, Queretaro, 0458 UTC, 3/20/10, faded up over an UNID sta in EE (sports sta) w/ a full ID, "XEKH...(gave sta address)..Radio Centro, excelencia en radio emisoras." G copiable signal just at the right time!

This next one I've been trying to identify all week long.

1470, XEHI, Ciudad Miguel Alaman, TM, 0345 UTC, 3/20/10, this one was mostly playing music and featured many back to back songs with no or little tlk. Hrd quite a few "Mi Radio" and "Mi Radio 14-70" IDs tonight. They also ancd "Radio ?" and I just can't quite understand what came next. Faded to a G lvl at times but severe slop from lcl Pasadena, TX sta, KLVL on 1480 sure makes this freq a tough one here.

And one bonus station:

1470, XEAI, Distrito Federal, 0158 UTC, 3/20/10, only hrd when 1480 slop was down AND when XEHI was faded down. I tend to doubt the listed powers for this sta which of course vary from 50-15 kw. Hrd w/ mostly all tlk, a discussion w/ 2-4 different people. IDs hrd "Radio Formula, Cadena Nacional." Didn't catch any call ltrs, but pgm'g was // their online audio stream. LAm #178 on ULR.

Good DX to everyone and 73!

Kirk Allen
Pasadena, TX

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