Re: Cuban on 890? From Memphis, TN???


Last night conditions were right and at 2117 CDT I got an ID! It was Radio Progreso from Cuba, on 890. So it's CMDZ Chambas, at Ciego de Avila. That's about 1780 km or so from Memphis, weak but pretty steady with the AM loop antenna nulling out WLS, using the Tecsun PL-380.

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If what you heard was Cuba, which is likely, it was a Radio Progreso
station. The best way to verify a Progreso or Rebelde station is to
listen on a parallel frequency. I have a list of Cuban stations sorted
by frequency, with provinces and networks included, here
<> Next time you hear it, scan
the other Progreso frequencies. They may be weak but you should be able
to hear the same programming. Then you'll know. Radio Reloj stations can
be identified by the di-dah-dit di-dah-dit beeps every minute. That's
"RR" in Morse Code.


Jim, KR1S <>

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