Hi Jim,

i've had a 23" HOOP for months now, just havent figured the best way to use it. originally i was going to make a Faraday shielded loop with copper foil tape.
is the balun xfrm much improvement over direction connection ?
do you twist the 8 ft leads from the loop to the radio to prevent computer noise pickup ?

i've planning on using 6 turns of litz wire connected to a 35-1150 pf var cap to cover 462-2650 kc, but havent come up with a good coupling method, for the TS-450S. maybe a single wire on the outside of the hoop. any ideas ?

also, you use pretty small wire, 28 ga, for the toroid, wouldnt 20 or 22 ga and a larger toroid be more efficient ? less resistance and losses ? larger skin area for the RF.


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