Two Gospel Stations

ferrite61 <dxrx@...>

Last nite late, I found religion.... well radio stations anyway. First was a faint and weak call for WGIV on 1370 around 21:40 EDT. This one has eluded ID for quite some time, and have heard faint Af-Am gospel here many times over the years. Finally got a call sign and a slogan? as "the new 1370 WGIV". This one is an "antenna lights" at 45 Watts nighttime. Thought it a bit more powerful than that... maybe 200-300 W. Will stick with FCC data... definately not on day-power of 16kW. Logged from Pineville NC at 981.8 km for an antenna lights score of 21.82 km/W.

WGIV is station #412, Antenna lights #24, and placed #16 on general scoring.

Second one was just before midnite on 1270 WHLD id. Not much here on this freq., and stuff does pop-in... usually WXYT Detroit if anything, but other low-power stuff too. Look-up indicates Niagara Falls NY at 1000 Watts nighttime. Station #413.

Paul S. in CT

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