Re: Sony SRF T-615 from Audio Cubes

robert ross

At 03:38 PM 9/18/2008, you wrote:

Just ordered a Sony SRF T-615 from Audio Cubes II.

Has anyone ordered from them before? Do they stock the radio or do they
have it dropped shipped from another location?

Anyhow, looking forward to receiving this to add to my growing
collection of ULRs!

73 to all and good DX

Gary...I'm not sure how Audio Cubes II works...I think that's the store in
NYC isn't it??? They may stock the Radio....but I don't think so?? I think
they all come from Japan??? I ordered mine last Spring from AUDIO CUBES in
JAPAN.....and it took only about 7 Days to get here.

In any event..You will like the SRF-T615....I use mine all the time and
it's my FAVORITE ULR...I have heard some amazing stuff on that ULR!! And
it's so TINY...real easy to use and Lightweight!!!

How much are they going for now Gary???? I think the Price has gone up a
bit due to the demand?? I think I paid $89 USA Plus Shipping for mine back
in the Spring......


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