Day 2 in Kenai, AK


Hi all:

A little colder and windier today out in the picnic shelter, but a blanket
from the room and better gloves allowed me a couple hours before the
elements got to me. Just the Eton e100 with frequent help from a Terk

Conditions were a little better today, again with Asians on virtually
every channel not covered by IBOC or a strong local. At least threshold
audio on the barefoot e100 on many channels. Highlights were:

- 972-4RN (5,924 miles) and 1575-VOA (5,169 miles) were received on the
barefoot stock Eton e100, which were the catches of the day. There is
nothing else near 1575 domestically up here, so it is an easy one with
occasional "VOA" and "Washington" mentioned in and amongst the Thai
broadcast. 972 suffered from domestics on 970 until dawn approached,
but by then it was covered by a presumed JJ broadcast, as was the case
- English lessons from NHK were barefoot on 693, 747, 774, 783 and 828,
with 783 surprisingly strong. I am surprised at the high level of the
lessons - there must really be a sizeable audience for them!
- 1206, presumed Korean service from China, was probably the strongest
station received
I rreeaallllyy wish I could distinguish Asian languages... As it is, I
probably have enough info for about a dozen IDs.

Here in Southern Alaska, once the mainland stations from Seattle, Portland
an California fade out an hour or so before LSR, the band is really wide
open, and prior to that the Asian signals are often so high that they
shove aside a domestic. For example, presumed JOGB-873 makes 870 out of
McGrath a challenge to hear. So, if someone is thinking about where to go
on their next DXpedition and would like a change of pace, I would suggest
giving Alaska some consideration - just don't DX from a picnic shelter!

73- Kevin S

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