3.15.10 log confirmed

Carl DeWhitt

Originally ,i had this as tentative.But after an e-mail inquiry and the answer i received,i will now count this as a definite log.
E-mail answer is included.

WPEO- 1020 Peoria,Il. 0733-0735 EDT 3.15.10 ad for Peoria Awning Company,Central Illinois wx.poor-very poor.fading and lost to KDKA.E-100 with Grundig AN-200 loop


Yes, you were listening to WPEO AM1020 in Peoria, IL.

We are a daytime station with sign-on at 0600 at 500 watts then at 0615 CDT full power at1000 watts.

We did air an ad for Peoria Awning followed by the weather for central Illinois at 6:33-6:35 a.m CDT.

Thanks for the report and for hunting us down!

Robert Ulrich
General Manager

I wonder how well they play in Peoria ?Hi,Hi !(Apologies for political oriented joke).
Carl DeWhitt

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