New ULR Loggings (March 15)

Chris Knight

I decided to spend some time on a fairly empty frequency, 730kHz, and heard KWOA in Worthington, MN (159 watts); KSVN Ogden, UT (66 watts) and KQPN West Memphis, AR (1kW beamed away from me). All three gave call letter IDs. These are ULR Logs #330-332. Also, there was a station on the WNW antenna playing Jazz music and a "Public Radio" sounding format. My best guess is KBSU Boise, ID with 500 watts. That's going to need more monitoring. On the NE antenna a warbler was heard occasionally. It sounds like someone is flexing a large saw blade or piece of sheet metal rapidly back and forth. The same sound used to be on 930 kHz. DXers are speculating this signal is coming from Cuba. Why it even exists es la pregunta del dia.
Chris Knight (N0IJK)
Ft. Lupton, CO
Radio: Tecsun PL-380. Antenna: Two Conti (corner fed and terminated) loops

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