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Stan <l8r2day@...>

Thanks for the response. I've read the sync on the G3 has greatly improved since it's introduction. My listing is almost exclusively MW. I've given up on SW as most of the interesting players are no longer on the air. Sync is nice but not essential, if one can tune up/down 1-2 khz to get rid of the interference. How does the G5 stack up to the G8?

Richard Berler wrote:

My experience is that the newer G3's are MUCH better with sync; they hold lock on very weak signals (try out some new samples that show up at Radio Shack). Another alternative that works is using ssb and zero beating the signal. The dx/local switch is really a low pass filter...on ssb and sync in locales with local am stations, mixing products impact reception (the G6 has a similar problem, but no dx/local switch to offer help...touching the antenna helps). The local position deals with this very well on the G3. Not a big sensitivity loss, and indiscernable above about 13 MHz (Of course, on mw, there is no need to put it in local). On mw, the G3 appears similar to the G6 head to head on batteries. Sync and choice of upper and lower sideband is a plus. The G5, by contrast, is quite sensitive across the mw band (the G3 & G6 are much less sensitive above about 1300 KHz).

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