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Gary DeBock

Hi Tim and Jim,
Thanks for the information, and thanks for the nice photo link, Tim.
For those wishing to receive their PL-380's (or other similar-sized radios) as soon as possible, Joyce at "Anon-co" does offer EMS shipping service at only $5 additional charge, which speeds up the shipping considerably (usually allowing arrival within 3 or 4 working days to North America).
73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA)
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I just received today my Version 2 Tecsun PL-380 from eBay seller simpsons927. It took 3 weeks, 15 working days, to get to Memphis, TN from Hong Kong. See the photo of everything included at

Tim C.

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> I got mine from for about the same price and it arrived on the east coast in 11 days. I got the newest version and they also followed up with good service. As others have said, though, they all make money off the shipping charges.
> Jim
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> >
> > I am taking the jump and buying a Tecsun pl-380 off e-bay but am confused as to who to buy it from. I see the seller anon-co mentioned alot on this forum but I note a number of sellers who offer it at a cheaper price when you factor in the shipping costs and they seem to have a high number of positive results also.I also see a seller listed under links in this forum called China Electronics, hygt369. The one thing I would like to be sure of is getting the best and most current version available, or should I wait a couple months to see if the manufacturer improves the internal antenna windings.
> > Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated as I can only afford to make this purchase once and am hoping this radio will give me a number of years service.
> > Thanks To All
> > Mike Glynn
> > Niagara Falls, Canada
> >

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