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Stephen Ponder <stephen_ponder@...>


Way to go!  By my calculations, that's over 700 miles!

According to the FCC AM Query, they use three towers in a directional pattern and they're only 250 watts at night!!

I've never heard an XE from the Estado de México before.  Good catch!


Stephen H. Ponder, N5WBI
Houston TX 

From: Kirk
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Sent: Sun, March 14, 2010 11:25:07 PM
Subject: [ultralightdx] New Station to the South


I knew I was in for a challenge, and an exciting one, when I tuned to 1080 this evening and discovered that KRLD, Dallas, was MUCH weaker than its usual booming signal into Houston. Along came a SS, you guessed it. VERY lucky this one faded up at the right time.

1080, XETUL, Tultitlan, Mexico, 0105-0330+ UTC, 3/15/10, all SS tlk until finally some mx was hrd after 0148. Faded up to a fair lvl @ 0157 when there was a full ID. "XETUL, Radiotelevision Mexicuense.. .Radio ?....Una Radio Diferente." Call ltrs came through quite well. Played variety of tunes including a clscl number w/ full orchestration. Possibly this sta also played a Stevie Wonder song 0253. Faded up to fair lvl several times, about every 20 minutes, otherwise it was weak to hardly audible.

My ears are strained, so I'm calling it a day!

Kirk Allen
Pasadena, TX

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