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Listened for a while the last two evenings, and I enjoyed nice openings into Mexico which revealed several stations previously unheard here. I was able to get an ID on one of the new ones. The loggings below are mostly relogs, but just to give you an idea of what was hrd here on a relatively quick scan of a few freqs. Logged on Tecsun PL-300WT and Sony SRF-59 w/ a SAT.

1020, XEKH, Queretaro, 0300 UTC, 3/13/10, I feel pretty sure this is the sta I've been hearing lately w/ many R. Centro IDs. They just don't seem to announce their call letters, at least not when I've been tuned in. (Have listened several hours.)

910, XENAY, Pto. Vallarta, Jalisco, 0415 UTC, 3/13/10, Weak to fair w/ "Doble U en 910 khz." ID. Mixing w/ another sta announcing "Radiorama" which might be XEAO Baja Cal. No clear IDs on the latter one. XEACN unhrd lately.

760, XEES, Chihuahua, 0413 UTC, 3/14/10, G sig w/ call letter ID.

800, XEZR, Zaragoza, Coahuila, 0420 UTC, 3/14/10, fading up above the SS sta pile up w/ a clear call letter ID.

810, (t) XEOE, Tapachula, Chiapas, 0422-0430 UTC, 3/14/10, possibly this one playing mellow vcls, hrd several ments of "Romantica" but it might have just been a different sta talking abt the mx that was being featured(?) Vy tentative on this one. Covered by WHB and later by XERI.

810, XERI, Reynosa, TM, 0438 UTC, 3/14/10, faded up over my tentative sta and briefly stronger than WHB. "Radio Rey" IDs ancd.

830, XEITE, Distrito Federal, 0500 UTC, 3/14/10, variety of mx and "Radio Capital" IDs ancd between songs. G signal.

840, XEXXX, Tamazula/Ciu. Guzman, Jalisco, 0513-0530 UTC, 3/14/10, first XE sta logged on this freq, so I was quite surprised to hear a SS sta actually stronger than WHAS! Musica de Banda heavy on the tuba in a balados style (sort of!) Mention of what sounded like "Promedios Jalisco.". Played a jingle possibly singing "Fiesta? Mexicana." "La Mexicana" IDs hrd. No call ltrs, but sure seems likely this one. Lost to WHAS after 0530.

I'll submit more little Latin bandscans from time to time in the future in hopes it might be useful to someone.
73 to everyone!

Kirk Allen
Pasadena, TX

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