Re: I'm here.......anyone signed up yet??? New ULR Arrived today too!!!!


Good morning all!

just to say 'hello' to the group.

I am not good at logging, but two receptions with a SFR-59 were really nice
and memorable to me:

2006-07-08 0851 Netherlands Antilles - TWR 800KHz (R Transmudial in SS and
PP). Heard PP id in my apartment in Porto Alegre (30S 51W). ''Barefoot
mode''. SINPO 32322.

2005-11-14 0600 Virgin Islands - WDHP 1620KHz. An fulll hour of nice jazz
music. Heard in Ilha Comprida beach in southeast Brazil (25S 48W). Used an
auxiliary external ferrite antena called 'RGP3'. SINPO 43333.

Both were head about 2 or 3 years ago. The distance was ~ 3200 miles/5100km.
One can say those are not really difficult (TWR runs 500-600KW, reception at
beach is wonderful), but they were really distant-receptions :)

Huelbe Garcia
Porto Alegre, Brazil
30S 51W

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Arrived today too!!!!

Hi Guys:

Just signed up for the new group...hope to be a regular contributor, and
user of the group. I received another NEW ULR ETON E-100. Purchased
via EBAY from a store in Oshawa, Ontario.........via Gary Debock in
Washington!! Radio made a 4000 Mile trip to get to me 120 miles from where
it started!! it's a long story....but it's here....and I'm happy to get
it!! Gary also did a Tune up on the BCB reception for me before he shipped it should be all set to go!!

Looking forward to communicating with ALL ULR Users on the New
Ultralight DX Group!!


Robert S. Ross VA3SW
Box 1003, Stn. B.
London, Ontario

Antique/Vintage Radio Enthusiast
Amateur Radio Stations VA3SW/VE3JFC

Defy Physics.....Play Table Tennis!! (Ping Pong with an Attitude)


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