Re: Tecsun PL-360 in Action

Gary DeBock

Hi Tom,
Thanks for posting this video, obviously made overseas (with the 9 kHz AM band plan). I'm sure the video was made in western Europe, with test stations 648-BBC, and 675-Radio Maria in Holland (whose Catholic programming was heard here last October). 
When the PL-360 plug-in AM antenna is removed several times in the video, the audio signal strength doesn't seem to suffer very much, which seems to indicate that the test stations were fairly strong. On my own PL-360, when the plug-in antenna is removed while receiving a weak AM fringe station, the signal is completely lost.
Even with the loopstick plugged in, the PL-360's AM reception is significantly weaker than either the PL-310 or PL-380, and the model would not be a good choice for DXers looking for the best performance in a stock ULR. With serious-sized external loop antennas to enhance reception, however, the radio can log some decent DX. This assumes that the owner can live with full-blown soft mute, and fixed 3 kHz DSP selectivity.
73, Gary 
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Checkout link below:

I'm not sure this vertical form factor adds value to
listening to a radio for most folks.

Tom Welch
Mesa, AZ USA

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