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Gary DeBock

Hi Gordon,
Great to have you with us, and of course we can always welcome another ULR enthusiast here in salt-water-enhanced western Washington!
About a week ago we had a get-together at the Puyallup fairgrounds after an electronics flea market (Chuck Hutton, Guy Atkins and myself), and had a great time talking about DX afterwards at the Old Country Buffet on South Hill. Chuck and Guy are primarily Perseus-SDR enthusiasts, but both of them also do pack along ULR's during their frequent DXpeditions to ocean beaches. My own interest is in ULR transoceanic DXing using homebrew PVC box loops, including some monster models up to the 9' side size (several MP's from which are posted in our Ultralightdx sound file section).
It sounds great to have another local get-together, but since almost all of us are busy during weekdays (and with children), sometimes it's a challenge to match up free time.
We certainly don't need much of an excuse to schedule another luncheon at the Old Country Buffet, Gordon, so if you (or any other DXers) are able to make it down to Puyallup, please let us know in advance, and we'll invite you to a great lunch. If you have some spare time this spring or summer, you might also consider an ocean beach run to chase DU's (Australia/ NZ stations) at a Pacific beach location like Grayland, during which the local Puget Sound gang occasionally mixes with our Victoria, BC DXing brothers. Your chances of hearing nice transoceanic DX go up dramatically if you can get away from the Puget Sound QRM :-)
73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA)   
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> Hi Gordon,
> Welcome to the group (and it's especially nice to welcome another
> Sound ULR DXer). We have a close group of Ultralight radio fanatics
here in
> western Washington (the birthplace of the ULR boom in late 2007), and
we are
> always eager to add more converts!
> Your barefoot PL-380 should be able to receive quite a few TP's when
> conditions improve, especially in the fall season. During the spring,
> may allow you to hear some of the "big guns" around sunrise, if you
> the chance to DX during that period. The PL-380 certainly is the
> radio of choice for transoceanic DXers, and should prove very
successful in
> DXing this year.
> Kevin Schanilec of Bainbridge Island lives fairly close to you, and
> submitted various antenna articles to our Ultralightdx file section.
Quite a
> few enthusiasts like Keith Beesley live in Seattle, while Guy Atkins
and I
> live in Puyallup (a fairly good location for nulling out west coast
> when chasing TP's :-)
> Feel free to check out the numerous articles in our Ultralightdx file
> section, many of which were written by our local Puget Sound DXers (a
review of
> the PL-380 is posted at _
> ( )
> Good luck in ULR DXing!
> 73, Gary DeBock, N7EKX (in Puyallup, WA)

Dear Gary,

Glad to be in such good company!

How about a ULR Puget Sound coffee day, or similar daytime get together?


Gordon Cooper
Bremerton WA

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