2 more for the log, but struck out on trying to get Florida...


    Well so far operation "Alligator Alley" has yet to bear fruit. It might be a little late in the season to catch this one, but I'll hold out to see what happens for a good while yet.  But I didn't pass up on a couple of logging's. One was from last night while I was trying to sync up my SRF-49 analog tuning with the audio from the SRF-M37V. Last night resulted in the catching of WJAS from Pittsburgh,PA and this morning, the 49's tuner crept backwards somehow to 1310 and I caught WDTW in Dearborn, MI during one of their commercial breaks.

 As for trying to catch WBOB on 1320, the chances are good I'm going to have to camp here for a long time. When I turned on the radio and tuned it in to 1320, I was struck by how it's almost as bad a GY frequency. From my QTH as the sun came up the more WILS, Lansing started to dominate the frequency. But their are also like five or six other stations trying to duking it out on the frequency. Very difficult at best.

  So enough about me here are my logs for last night and today.

All time are in UTC and were logged on my barefoot SRF-49. AMP stands for Air Mile Path from the stations service area to my QTH in Springboro, OH.

1320 Pittsburgh, PA  10 March 2010 0330 EE Fair AMP 232 Mi
Heard a portion of the John Tesh Radio Show. as the station rolled in to commercial break , I head John Tesh give the station ID.
ULR LOG:# 125  5 Kw / 5Kw 

1310 Dearborn, MI 10 March 2010 1150 EE Fair AMP 199 Mi
Heard: ID with Dearborn's progressive talk station promo.
ULR LOG:#  126  5 Kw / 5Kw   


 Alex N8UCN / KOH8IG / SWLR-RN037

 "The ear of the Cin-Day corridor"   

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