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CBK (CBC Radio One) from Watrous, Saskatchewan (serving the entire province; studios in Regina) is on 540 kHz at 50,000 watts. Not sure if this is what you heard, but it's a possibility.


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At 2200 EST last night,i had CJBC 860 with i.d. for Premeire Chaine and it seemed //540.According to something i saw online CBEF is supposed to be // CJBC 860.I will check 540 against 1250 tonight if i hear French on 540 tonight.

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I did a lookup on amlogbook (dot) com as a double check. Last I
knew the possibilities were CBGA1 (Quebec Northern Service) which
is // CBGA-1250, and CBEF Windsor, ON.

I would put my dollar on CBGA1 (CBGA one) as I have heard this
numerous times with all of my UL's and the 1-Transistor radio from
CT. CBGA1 is Premeire Chaine. I have not heard CBEF, and don't know
if its Premeire Chaine or not. Amlogbook notes it as CBC-French.

CBEF-540 Windsor ON is in fact Premeire Chaine.


Deane McIntyre

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