New stations heard overnight 3/10/10


Overnight I logged the following four stations for the first time on my Sony SRF-T615.

0318 UTC 1300 kHz KCSF Colorado Springs CO, Avalanche hockey match from Altitude Sports. Heard through 0403 mixing with WOAD and WNQM.
0321 UTC 1300 kHz WOAD Jackson MS, "Gospel 1300 WOAD".
0356 UTC 1300 kHz WMTN Morristown TN, country music, with ID. Not bad for only 96 Watts signal at 1263.5 km distance. Faded out at 0359.
1327 UTC 1310 kHz KKNS Corrales NM, with Spanish language talk and música mexicana. Heard mixing with KFKA, Greeley CO, until fade-out at 1424.

It brings my total to 759 stations. I'm hoping I finally broke the drought and start hearing some new stations again - at least temporarily.

Sunday and Monday mornings, I heard fair signals from JOUB 774 and JOIB 747 about an hour prior to local sunrise. It was the best TP reception here in several weeks.

Good DX to all.


Richard Allen
36°22'51"N / 97°26'35"W
(near Perry OK USA)

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