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I did a lookup on amlogbook (dot) com as a double check. Last I knew the possibilities were CBGA1 (Quebec Northern Service) which is // CBGA-1250, and CBEF Windsor, ON.

I would put my dollar on CBGA1 (CBGA one) as I have heard this numerous times with all of my UL's and the 1-Transistor radio from CT. CBGA1 is Premeire Chaine. I have not heard CBEF, and don't know if its Premeire Chaine or not. Amlogbook notes it as CBC-French.

NOTE: if you decide to log this, use CBGA1 to avoid confusion, it is a repeater of CBGA-1250KHz.

Paul S. in CT

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? Canada 540 2011-2107 EST 3.9.10 news talk presumed in French with man and woman.First there appeared to be monologue and dialogue between several people.CBC and Radio Canada i.d. in French on the hour and then apparent news with woman announcer.very poor-fair mostly in clear on E-100 barefoot.The two possibilities seem to be CHIC or CBEF.Both CBEF and CJBC on 860 carry the Premi�re_Cha�ne French network.So i will check CJBC for a //.This would be a new one if either station(CHIC or CBEF).
Carl DeWhitt
Maryville, Tn.

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