Re: Latest Loggings - March 9, 2010

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--- In ultralightdx@..., Stephen Ponder wrote:

> 1110 KVTT Mineral Wells, TX

> � and at 0045, a short musical piece, then PFFT! Their signal was gone! Must have been a pattern change because they did not do a sign-off statement. Thanks to a tip from Kirk Allen, I was able to snag this one!

KVTT is a daytime-only station. You can get their hours through this link:    

It's not unusual for daytime stations to flip the switch mid-song. AM now stands for "Anarchy Modulation." WFLF540 in Orlando sure didn't change their pattern at sunset tonight. FCC doesn't care about the band anymore.

Congrats on the loggings!


Jim, KR1S 

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